Tuesday, July 21, 2009

What a day

So yesterday was awful! I got to work of course running late like usual and my boss is there he says to me that the doors were left unlocked (which I know is bull honkey because I was the last one there and I double checked to make sure the doors were locked. He leaves and then later I go to write a check and the checkbook and cash box were missing. I really think he is messing with me because he always tells me to lock my desk but I forget and really if someone were to break in they would have to unlock three doors, the lock on my desk really wont matter. Either way if someone did steal it - they got maybe $15 in cash and a checkbook with no money in the account - if my boss is really messing with me it might be time to put in my notice.

Anyway enough venting - The little guy was grumpy yesterday - after I got off work I go and pick him up from his grandfathers, about an hour after we were home it was time to make dinner - He didn't like what I was making so he started pitching a fit so I sent him to his room and turned the tv off. When the timer went off he came out of his room and looked at the tv and said "You ruined my day I wanted to watch tv" - It was so funny the way he said it that I just started laughing - which didn't help - but after a little consoling things were good again.

He said to me the other day while we were eating dinner, "you want to play poker" to which I responded "what?" he says "you know Texas Holdem - its a card game"


Atlanta said...

Somes the little buggers can just make you smile even on the worst days! lol =) And sometimes they are the cause of the worst days. I guess we take the good where we can get it huh?

Atlanta said...


Anonymous said...

Sounds like quite a day! Hope tomorrow (and all the days after) go a little smoother.

Welcome to SITS!

Alicia said...

i love the random things kids say! my kid mooned me yesterday....i could stop laughing!!!