Sunday, July 12, 2009

Murder Frogs

Photo0786, originally uploaded by chickdey.

So I got these frogs for Christmas from my best friend and I keep them on my desk at work. Thursday when I go into work the little one (Poco) is dead and the big one (Pitch) is swimming around like nothing happened. So we have a toilet bowl funeral for poor little Poco and then for the rest of the day I swear Pitch was staring at me and now I can't bear to look at him because he would never let Poco have any of the food so I blame Pitch for his death. I hate frog drama. Anyway I went and stayed the night at my best friend's house Friday so we could get up early and go yard sale-ing because I am so not a morning person and probably would have missed all the yard sales had I not stayed at her house. We stayed up real late having an exciting girls night putting together a puzzle and we realized we were getting old - because girls night used to be much more lucrative. Well I got all kinds of cool scrapbook stuff for like $5 and I'm so excited to scrapbook and stuff - also I got some cool sponge bob stuff. I get home and my honey is all like "you don't know how to yard sale very well" and I'm like "I am the master yardsaler" and he is "all you don't know anything about the commerce of the front yard business" so Im like whatever... Then we heard the ice cream truck and we were saved from our disagreement by the little one shrieking for joy about ice cream and we get to the ice cream truck and he is all like i want powder puff ice cream and I'm like your a boy don't you want spider man and he is like uh I guess so..... and then I get a look like you do this to him... and I'm like what just because he says his favorite color is pink it is not my fault. Then we went to lunch.

On a side note I woke up the other morning to something very disturbing - my kitten was all licking my chihuahua's boy parts and my fiancee is all like you should take some tips from the kitty and I was like you better watch it buddy.


Alicia said...

lol...ok seriously this cracked me up!! i love the frog drama! and as for garage sales...that's no joke over here...i love love love garage sales!

Joanna said...

From one fellow non-morning person to another - way to score on scrapbook stuff!!

You should mess with the frogs head. Do sort of this is you, this is your legs battered and deep fried. ;)

{leah} said...

At least yo can blame it on the frog...

I killed like 8 fish in a month and the baby walked around for weeks telling people that "mom killed the fish"

{peeking in from SITS}

Kaylen said...

omg, frog drama and cross-species licking?? Too funny!!!