Monday, July 6, 2009


Rent is due. There are no jobs. Money is tight and Wendy's just screwed me. Ok so their new Asian chicken looked really good on their advertisement (of course all food advertisements look good on tv ) but I figured what the heck I'm broke can't find a job and I am super hungry so I could splurge for the $3. Well what I got in my Wendy's bag made me so very sad and angry I wish I knew where I could find a dragon. I would hire that dragon to go burn down every Wendy's in town for selling me chicken nuggets with sauce already on them for $3. Seriously I could have spent the dollar and put my own damn sauce on them.

I would also send the dragon to my "friends" house who said to me - yeah my husband and I have this business on the side if you would like to come check it out - and when I research their "company" it turns out to be the new and improved cult of Amway....geesh.

Also I wish I could get paid to facebook because I would be a millionaire!! Except now my boss is on facebook.


Sue Taylor said...

Amen!! That was my exact thought when I was lured in by their tasty looking ads too!

Diane said...

i was disappointed as well... :(

you can pay just a little more and get a combo at chinese place with an eggroll and everything!

screw wendys!