Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Baby bottle blues and other-ness

So the whole time I was pregnant I was told so many times how wonderful Dr. Brown's bottles are - but they aren't. What a pain in the butt to clean those things, and I've had to buy special brushes and all the stupid little parts to clean. What mother has time for all that? Sometimes I wonder if the people who invent baby products actually have children.

My daughter is now nine months and just started walking!!

Its so cool and scary how fast she has grown! And Im in no hurry for her to start running around! My other little one is doing good in kindergarten and has too busy playing with his friends for me to even spend any time with him.

Im also on a new no-fat diet due to my gallstones and it has been so hard trying to cook meals for the whole family that I can actually eat - we have been eating a lot of low-fat options and stir fry. I am also babysitting a little girl for a couple of weeks and the neat thing about watching other people's children it makes you appreciate your own much much more.

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