Monday, February 16, 2009

Such a big mouth on such a little guy

So the other morning I woke up to go to work and my little guy was playing the xbox. I quickly glanced over before running around to get ready for work. I would have sworn he was playing the game Call of Duty which I will not let him play because its too gory for me and i say to him, you know your not supposed to be playing that game at which point he responds "Do you need to put your glasses on, Im playing Ironman" lol turns out he was playing Ironman.

His dad goes to pick him up the other day and he comes home and he is in the best mood. i ask him if he had a good day and he tells me that Savannah is the prettiest girl and he had to give her the wolf whistle. A few days latter i go to pick him up at which point Savannah's mother informs me that they are dating (he's 4) and Savannah says to me "we are getting married" thought I didn't have to worry about this stuff for at least another 12 years :)

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Har du hittat din hårtrimmer än? Annars kan du alltid kolla för att hitta den bästa hårtrimmern som du kan ha nytta av!